There are some questions that we are asked most often, we have tried to answer them here to help you better understand some aspects of our work.

What is the difference between amateur and professional breeding?

The first substantial difference that “should” be made can already be understood from the term used. The adjective amateur refers to those activities that are carried out for simple pleasure, as those who carry them out do not have a professional qualification.

The number of mares in amateur breeding must be less than five, just as the number of puppies born annually must be less than thirty.

Our kennel is configured as a professional kennel and this does not mean that we continuously churn out litters, burdening our dogs or having boxes in which we raise hundreds of dogs.

Usually our mothers have 3/4 litters at most over the course of their lives and at the age of 7 they enjoy their well-deserved retirement.

Professional breeding also means having studied this profession without improvisation; it means having worked hard to create our line, a line suitable for character as well as morphology.

It means that you are not just buying a puppy from us, you are acquiring an ongoing relationship with us over the years; it means knowing who to turn to when you have any problems in which we put all our experience to help you; it means that we have a SUITABLE and COMPLIANT environment in which our dogs can live.

Our litters grow at home in a controlled family environment capable of helping puppies in the first important phase of socialization and getting used to domestic noises.

An invoice is issued for each puppy sold and if this may not be of interest to anyone, think that you have something in your hand when you leave our gate, a piece of paper that contains the honesty of our work.

You will have a CONTRACT with all the guarantees for your puppy, a contract that gives you security for the expense you are incurring and guarantees our maximum TRANSPARENCY.

Choosing a professional breeding farm is a GUARANTEE for your puppy’s future!

Why should I choose a puppy from your kennel?

We have been breeders for over 40 years and have seen all kinds.

We raise our puppies with love and passion and, when you choose one of our little ones, you also bring home a little piece of us!

We put all our experience and professionalism at your service to answer the questions you will have in the first steps of life with your puppy and we follow you with advice and ideas.

Our dogs are the result of a careful selection that we meditate on for many months, months in which we choose the mother and father of your puppy, the most suitable parents to obtain a litter that reflects our standards.

Our standards are, in fact, very high; our idea of ​​a German Shepherd is a beautiful line, playful but at the same time suitable for training in defence. Our Jack Russell Terriers, on the other hand, have a very playful character, they are born and raised at home and are also suitable for life in an apartment. Our specimens also help us with pet therapy in schools, some have been trained in truffle hunting, others in various sporting activities. The dachshunds we have are lovers of cuddles and the sofa, they are however dogs with a predatory instinct like Jack Russell Terriers and therefore there will be the lizard season which will make them particularly active.

Our puppies all carry our ENCI affix “the guardians of the falco house” and are supplied with the first compulsory vaccination, microchip and registration in the canine registry, deworming, ENCI pedigree, certificate of good health issued by our vet and they all have a pedigree checked for multiple generations for hereditary diseases.

Choosing one of our puppies is a guarantee of the tranquility with which you will be able to live this splendid experience with your 4-legged life partner.

How can I choose my puppy?

When a litter is born, we first notify customers who have left a deposit in the previous months and have been waiting for the arrival of a litter.

We then notify other customers who are on our waiting list.

The choice of our puppies takes place between 30-35 days of life. In order to book, you will be contacted to come and choose your little one. And here comes the best part… How to choose?

First of all, as a kennel we want to give you help and advice on the puppy that we believe is most suitable for you on a character level.
We will take care to get to know you by having a conversation about your daily routine, your interests, why you are choosing that specific breed rather than another, what you expect from your dog and, only after an adequate cognitive interview, will we be able to recommend the puppy that suits you. it’s for you.
We see our little ones emerge from their protected amniotic sacs and take their first breath, we see them move desperately in search of their mother’s warm lettuce, open their little eyes to the world that awaits them, stand up and fall looking for balance, tasting the first baby food and the first croquettes, interacting with the little brothers, with the mother and above all with us. We know our puppies very well because this is one of our most arduous and hardest jobs: one by one we study their character and know how to establish with certainty what each of them can give.

Trust our experience and the love we feel towards each of those furballs for whom we always try to guarantee a loving family.

How do you book and purchase puppies?

To have a “hawk home guardian” there are two methods that we have tested over the years and which seem to work perfectly.

The first involves your visit to the cattery, in which, after having had a nice chat and having evaluated, we who are ready to welcome a puppy and you who are your choice, we can proceed to choose your little one, with all our advice and according to the availability of the moment.

The second way to have one of our puppies is to book in advance by choosing from the litters scheduled in the current months. Certainly, this last option involves slightly longer times but, first of all, allows you to have a priority in the choice which will take place in 30 days; at the right time, in fact, you will be called, in order of booking, to choose your puppy. And, no small thing, planning the arrival of your 4-legged friend also means being able to plan the purchase expense to be faced, an expense that you can, if you wish, divide into the months that separate you from the moment of delivery of the puppy .

The reservation takes place by filling out our Booking Form, which we can fill out together if you come to visit us on the farm or send you by email, together with the payment of a deposit to confirm the booking in cash or by bank transfer.

Are you really ready for the arrival of a puppy?

Bringing a puppy home can be quite simple, but you need to stop for a moment and ask yourself an important question: Am I ready to welcome him?

As a kennel we select the new owner from the first telephone interview which will be followed by an appointment at the kennel in which we will evaluate together whether or not it is the right time to welcome one of our puppies.

First of all, you need to know that the arrival of a dog in your life must fill it but not overturn it; your dog will be an added value and not a deprivation of your freedom.

Getting them used to 90% soiling outside will not be a very complicated thing to continue even when it arrives in your home using a few small tricks.

They love living at home with their owners, it is not essential to have a palace or a garden because you will realize that they will love being glued to you. It is clear that trips to the park will be necessary at least once a week in order to guarantee your puppy good sociality with his peers and a good dose of physical activity; Daily walks on a leash are very important, as your little one will learn to follow you and discover new smells and new environments with you.

Being alone while you go to work, as long as it’s not an entire day, won’t be a bad moment for him but only if, as soon as you get home, you shower him with cuddles and attention.

There will be small habits to change, this is obvious, but it will repay you with eternal unconditional love.

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