Our Story

Our professional breeding is recognized by Enci and FCI. We have been breeding German Shepherds since the 1980s and smooth-coated Jack Russell Terriers since 2007. We have recently also introduced the German Dachshund, also smooth-coated.

Renato Bonotto

Founder Von Casa Falco

Marilena Pertile

Creator and owner of the affix "I guardiani di casa falco"

Nicola Bonotto

Co owner of the affix "I guardiani di casa falco"

Mattia Bonotto

Co owner of the affix "I guardiani di casa falco"


Our life has always been accompanied by a German shepherd, since the 80s.
In 1984 our father decided, together with his friend Marcello Ceola, to start a breeding of this splendid breed. The first specimens came from Germany and had a long-haired coat.
At the time it was considered a flaw for this breed to have long hair but, as they say, imperfection always hides a fascinating side.

Over the years we have raised many champions of beauty and work and we have gained enormous satisfaction. Our dogs already demonstrate excellent character qualities as puppies: rapid learning ability, reliability and emotional bond with all family members. In these specimens we recognize the characteristics of the guard dog and the shepherd dog: attentive, protector of his territory, vigilant with strangers, very sweet with friends and members of the pack.

These are the lines that we try to maintain nowadays through careful selection of the breed.

For us, the German shepherd embodies the canons of the dog par excellence: the medium size, the texture and color of the fur, the harmonious dorsal lines give it an elegant and at the same time powerful appearance.

Then came the Jack Russell Terriers...

In August 2007, Piperita Patty arrived, it was love at first paw. From the name alone we should have understood something more about this splendid breed. The Jack Russell Terrier is an extremely lively and intelligent dog. He is known to be a bit stubborn, but he is also affectionate, loyal and courageous.

He is the ideal companion that every child would like to have by his side, full of energy but at the same time caring and cuddly.

It lends itself to dozens of sporting activities and can be your adventure companion practically anywhere.

It is a rustic dog that does not need particular care and grooming treatments.

In 2013, thanks to Marilena’s commitment, our kennel obtained the ENCI and FCI affix “I Guardiani di Casa Falco”.

This recognition rewarded us for all the efforts made over these years. We will always try to carry it forward with the utmost professionalism and competence.

Come and visit us at the kennel and we will be happy to introduce you to our dogs…

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