His Majesty: the German Shepherd

Faithful companion and among the most popular breeds in Italy. You soon understand why: they are super intelligent dogs, capable of protecting their family but at the same time they know how to give a lot of love and are excellent companion dogs for children.

Personality & Expectations​

The German Shepherd develops a close bond with the owner with whom he will want to spend as much as possible. He is a very loyal dog with great aptitude for defense and incorruptible. It is very important to start socializing him as soon as possible to have a balanced German Shepherd, otherwise there will be trust and insecurity problems. This dog is eager to learn and very receptive to training, a quality which should make him a model pupil.

males 35/40kg - females 30/35 kg
Height at withers
males 60/65 cm - females 55/60 CM
9 - 13 years

General Health​

The German Shepherd is predisposed to a series of gastrointestinal problems* (gastric torsion and dilation). For this reason we recommend always dividing meals into two portions and not letting him do physical activity for the following 2 hours. Like MANY other breeds, she can be prone to hip and elbow dysplasia (joint conditions that can be painful and lead to mobility problems). Checking the degree of dysplasia in dogs before breeding is therefore important; our dogs all have certified hip and elbow x-rays.

* Like all medium/large sized dogs

Care and nutrition

The puppy must be educated and subjected to physical activity with a certain accuracy to avoid irreversible damage to the still weak and developing joints. It’s always better to keep your weight controlled, 1kg less is better than 1kg more. The adult German Shepherd will need daily exercise along with plenty of opportunities to use his intelligence with brain-stimulating training and play.



German shepherd coat care is quite simple. Just be equipped with the right brushes and give your dog a brush every week. In this way hair loss will be greatly limited.

During seasonal changes you may notice a greater loss but this is natural, your dog is preparing for the winter or summer season.

Good to know!​

Some advice for future owners of a German Shepherd puppy…

Before taking him home

Decide, together with the family, where the dog should live. First step: inside or outside the house? There are pros and cons to both choices. The important thing is to decide and be consistent over the years.

Is it necessary to attend an educator?

It is not necessary but it is highly recommended to use a professional who knows how to indicate and guide you. Get to know your life partner and know how to best interact with him and other dogs.

Is my home suitable for a German Shepherd?

It is clear that a shepherd requires large spaces but between a dog isolated in a garden and one who lives in an apartment with the possibility of going out for a walk 2/3 times a day... perhaps this second choice allows the shepherd to socialize more and make it more balanced. Everything therefore depends on the type of relationship you want to create with him.

Is it suitable for staying with children?

The German Shepherd is often described as a dog suitable for children although, in reality, there is no specific dog breed suitable for children. The correct choices made by the breeder and then managed by the owner serve to harmonize the relationship between the two. If this relationship is managed with attention and serenity, the German Shepherd can be considered a true "Baby Sitter", careful to defend his owner's puppies.

What collar do you recommend?

There is no collar that is more suitable than others for the German Shepherd.
What we do not recommend, however, is the harness which, if not correctly adjusted or of the wrong size, can then cause damage to the front legs.
Better, if you would still prefer a harness, opt for an H-shaped harness.

How often should it be washed?

German shepherds do not need frequent washing: it is possible, particularly in the hot season, to bathe the dog, but rigorously using dermatologically tested products. It is good practice to brush the dog's coat every day (using special means such as a metal comb with teeth that are not too wide), to keep it clean and also to check that no sandflies or other parasites have nested there. The German Shepherd, like all other dogs, must normally be subjected to grooming operations from an early age.

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