A full of energy: the Jack Russell Terrier

Jacks are like little children, you never understand where they get all that energy from such a small body. Those who really know the breed, however, will be able to confirm that they are lively but also very affectionate dogs and that when they become part of your families they will be able to win the hearts of even the most wary of this breed. They are loyal dogs and perfect for being in the company of children too!

Personality & Expectations

The Jack Russell Terrier is a lively, active and cheerful dog. You can do hundreds of different activities with him and he will amaze you with his always active and playful nature. The relationship with animals of different species could be problematic, let’s not forget that he was born as a hunting dog and therefore his predatory nature is strong.

However, we have many puppies who now live in families with cats, chickens and rabbits. The important thing is to get them used to it from when they are puppies… The Jack Russell Terrier becomes attached to the whole family (children in particular) but the most intense relationship will only be with the leader of the pack.

The Jack Russell Terrier is very obedient and protective, so if properly trained it makes an excellent life companion.

5-6 kg (the ratio 1 to 5 with height, i.e. 1 kg for every 5 cm of height)
Height at withers
FROM 25 CM TO 30 CM​
13-16 years

General health

The Jack Russell Terrier was used, as the story goes, for fox hunting while today it is also used for the hunting of wild boars, truffles and mice. It is also used by the police as a drug-sniffing dog and to detect any explosive devices.

Characteristics of the Jack Russell terrier is that it obtains excellent results in agility, dog jumping and disc dog competitions, this is because its elongated but at the same time robust body shape makes it extremely agile and fast.

They are a rustic, active and robust breed that does not present any particular breed diseases, however you need to be careful of some more or less serious diseases which we report here:




All the subjects included in our breeding plan are controlled by the main hereditary problems of the breed listed above.

Care and nutrition

As with all dogs, nutrition can make the difference between a healthy dog ​​and one with health problems.

It is necessary to understand that the diet must be balanced and of good quality to avoid weighing down the skeletal system which can suffer back or leg problems if it has to support more than the ideal weight.

To keep weight under control, the ratio is 1/5 of the height at the withers. A 25cm tall specimen must weigh 5kg.


The smooth-coated Jack Russell Terrier has simple coat maintenance. You can also equip yourself at home for cleaning and hygiene of the fur. The important thing is to use dermatologically tested and quality products.

The fur should be dried well with a blower, it is better to avoid the hairdryer which risks heating the skin and creating more problems than benefits.

This breed tends to shed quite a bit, especially during seasonal changes. However, we can help their body with currant pills or salmon oil.

It is also better to equip yourself with a “furminator” type brush which helps a lot to make your home less… hairy.

Good to know!

Some advice for future owners of a Jack Russell Terrier puppy…

Before taking him home

Decide, together with the family, where the dog should live. First step: inside or outside the house? There are pros and cons for both choices.. The important thing is to decide and be consistent over the years.
Even if the coat is short, Jack Russell Terriers can easily live outdoors. The important thing is to create a shelter for them protected from the elements.

Is it necessary to attend an educator?

It is not necessary but it is highly recommended to use a professional who knows how to indicate and guide you. Get to know your life partner and know how to best interact with him and with other dogs.
Let's remember that they are terriers and therefore their digging or hunting nature can be high for some subjects. We need to work on it to soften it!

Is my home suitable for a Jack Russell?

The dachshund is a rustic dog that loves fields and the open air but does not disdain a good pillow and a good blanket.
If you have a house with steps, teach him not to go up/down but to stay in the area where you want him to live .
Avoid letting him jump too much, at least for the first year of life you shouldn't put too much stress on the leg joints.

Is it suitable for staying with children?

The Jack Russell Terrier loves children but they must be taught to relate to them correctly. Do not lift it by its front or hind legs.. the ears are beautiful but also fragile, if we avoid pulling them your dog will surely appreciate it.
It is a breed that is very faithful to its family and the correct choices made by the breeder and the owner's management then serves to harmonize the relationship between the two.

What collar do you recommend?

There is no collar more suitable than others for the Jack Russell Terrier. The important thing is the length, by law it should be a maximum of 1.5 meters but being a dog of a shorter stature you have to be careful that it has the possibility of walking with a minimum of freedom. What we do not recommend, however, is the harness which, if not correctly adjusted or of the wrong size, can then cause damage to the joints.

How often should it be washed?

You can think of washing your Jack Russell Terrier even 2/3 times a month, there are no limits.
The important thing is that it is always dried well and using the right tools.

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